Hands-On Learning at AMTA 2022 National Convention

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This is a great opportunity to learn and practice new techniques while expanding your skillset in hands-on training.  Featured hands-on with table sessions include:

Approaching the Lower Body From All Angles (Hands-on with table)

Discover a better way to approach your massage sessions and enhance your lower body skills. In this course, you will work on all the major muscle groups of the legs and hips from new angles with new massage techniques. Expand your skillset with methods that focus on the medial and lateral structures of the lower body. Learn more about the session.

Thai Massage for the Table (Hands-on with table)

In this course, you will learn how Thai massage can be beneficial to the client and the massage therapist. Explore the theory, history, and benefits of Thai massage and how to incorporate it into your table routine. As a bonus, learn universal massage techniques that can help preserve your body too. Learn more about this session.

Fundamentals of Fascial Therapy (Hands-on with table)

Come learn the fundamentals of fascial therapy with an inside look at the practical applications of this massage practice. Explore various styles, techniques, and philosophies of fascial therapy and the physiological responses of both fascia and the rest of the body. Learn more about this session.

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